Work Visa Procedures for France in 2023 (Types, Requirements)

Work Visa Procedures for France in 2023 (Types, Requirements)

Work Visa Procedures for France in 2023 (Types, Requirements)

A guide to applying for a work visa for France, including the steps, qualifications, and available visa categories. You must apply in advance for a long-stay visa if you want to travel to France for business and stay for more than 90 days. I'll walk you through the 2023 France Work Visa Process in this post. France has given 320,000 first work permits as of 2022. With a 90% success rate, there has been an increase of 30%.

More foreign employees are being invited to France by the French government. France offers a variety of visas, including those for seasonal workers, salaried employees, independent contractors, and more. For stays longer than 90 days, you must also submit an online application for a residence permit. The France Work Visa application process and additional information are provided here.

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Information About France Work Visa Process 2023

  • Country: France
  • Visa Type: Professional Purpose
  • Who can Apply: Non-EU Nationals

Who Doesn't Need a Work Visa for France?

Longer stays of more than 90 days are permitted without a visa on French territory in the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican.

Work Visas for France

Depending on your visa type, length, employment status (self-employed, employee, job seeker, etc.), and other factors, you may be able to engage in professional activity in France. There are various French work visa categories. All work visas for France are extended-stay visas.

      1-Business Visa for France

        The person who received an invitation to visit from their partners in France must obtain this visa. You can also apply for this visa if you intend to visit or take part in trade shows, seminars, or conferences that are associated with your line of work.

          2-France Visa for Job Seeking

          For people looking for employment prospects in France, this visa is available. To qualify for this visa, a candidate must have earned a degree or diploma from France and intend to work or open a business there within four years of graduation.

          3-Seasonal Employment Visa for France

            A France Salaried Employment Visa is required for seasonal employment. occupations in the agricultural and tourism industries. On this visa, you are permitted to work in France for a total of six months during any rolling 12-month period.

            The French government will issue a work authorization to your employer.

            4-Visa for Salaried Employment in France

              The most typical work visa available to suitable candidates recruited by French employers is this one. A contract or letter of employment must be presented.

              The French government will issue a work authorization to your employer.

              The following individuals are eligible to apply for a France Employment Visa:

              • Job offer from a French Company
              • Intra Company Transfer
              • Short- or long-term recruitment
              • Seasonal Work
              • Modeling
              • Airline crew working for an airline
              • Internships
              • Teaching activities

              France Work Visa Time Frame

                • Visa for a brief stay: 90–180 days
                • 1 year long-stay visa: that is extendable
                All France Long Stay Visas will be issued for a year and may be renewed based on the circumstances in effect at the time.

                Submit a request for permanent residency.

                  If you have held a long-stay visa and have been a resident of France for at least five years and have a current work permit, you are eligible to apply for the France Permanent Residency.

                  Cost of the France Work Visa

                    The application fee for a long-stay visa from France is EUR 99.

                    Essential Documents

                      Depending on the kind of visa, different documents are needed for a work visa to France. But the French government made it simple.

                      Utilize the Visa Wizard and choose the choices that best suit your requirements. It will include a list of the paperwork required for that specific Visa category.

                      Conditions for Work Visas in France

                        • When you apply for the position, the French employer will make you an offer.
                        • Await the authorization to function.
                        • To work on your behalf, your company must ask for the authorization.
                        • Online Residence Permit Application.
                        • Within two months of your arrival in France, you must submit an application for a residence permit.
                        • Apply at the Embassy for a visa to France.

                        How can I apply for a work visa for France?

                        How to Apply for a Work Visa in France in 2023:

                        Step 1: Gather the information on your situation. Use this Visa Wizard
                        Step 2: Make the Online Application. Fill out the visa application form
                        Step 3: Book your appointment. Make an appointment with the visa application center.
                        Step 4: Submit your application. Go to the Visa appointment center.
                        Step 5: Biometrics. All visas issued by France are biometric visas.

                        Vital Resources Links

                        • You can apply for a visa online from (Here).
                        • You can read the pertinent information about the Residence Permit after arriving in France from (Here).
                        • Under the "Professional Purpose" Tab, you can choose the France Work Visa type from (Here).

                        Processing Time for France Work Visa

                        Usually, it takes 15 days to process a visa application. Up to 45 days may be added to this time frame.

                        French Certified Employers

                        In order to employ foreign workers in France, an employer must be certified. To work for you, they will seek for the authorization. To find jobs, go to their websites.

                        Here are a few instances of French employers with certifications:

                        • Salaried Employment visas:
                        • Airbus
                        • Axa
                        • BNP Paribas
                        • Crédit Agricole
                        • EDF
                        • L’Oréal
                        • Michelin
                        • Renault
                        • Safran
                        • Saint-Gobain
                        • Total Energies
                        • Seasonal visas:
                        • Agriculture
                        • Tourism
                        • Hospitality
                        • Construction
                        • Food processing

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