Malta Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2023


Malta Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2023

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2023

To work while taking pleasure in a lovely vacation in Malta. The ideal option is Malta Island. It is much more affordable than other EU countries because it is an EU country. This Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023 Complete Guide is provided. The best opportunity is for someone who is self-employed and can work remotely from home for any organization, such as a freelancer, blogger, or YouTuber. On a Nomad Visa, travelling to Malta is simple.

The Malta Nomad Residence Permit covers this. EU digital nomads are already welcomed and hosted in Malta. The licence is valid for a year, and you can renew it each year. A job offer from Malta is not necessary for the Digital Nomad Visa. A chance to turn your temporary residency into permanent residency. Below are further specifics.

The criteria to obtain a Malta Digital Nomad Visa by 2023

  • You are an individual from a non-EU nation.
  • Work from home for a business that is not located in Malta.
  • Contractors may apply.
  • You must earn at least €2,700 per month.

Can your family travel with you?

  • You are allowed to apply for a Maltese digital nomad visa with your family along.
  • Your spouse (wife or husband).
  • minor child you are.
  • a youngster who is reliant on you because of a condition or ailment.
  • a child who depends on you financially.

Length of Stay

Your visa will initially be given for a year, but you can later renew it from within Malta.

Essential Documents

  • Application Form N1
  • Application Form N2 (if applicable)
  • Application Form N4 General Data Protection Form
  • Letter of Intent
  • International Passport
  • Employment contract and official tax documentation in case of employment
  • Documentary evidence of self-employment
  • Documentary evidence of all freelance activities in the case of freelance
  • Europass CV
  • Bank statement
  • Local or international health insurance policy
  • Health declaration
Access all application forms online: Here


        • Malta is a nation where English is spoken.
        • While your residence permit for digital nomads is active, you are permitted to travel to other Schengen nations.
        • Access to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East will be simple.
        • have 5G accessibility.

          Does Malta require you to pay taxes?

            You are exempt from paying taxes in Malta if you have a digital nomad visa. Unless you have no money coming in from Malta.

            Verify your candidature for a Nomad Visa: Here 

            Process for Applying for a Malta Digital Nomad Visa in 2023

            • Assemble the paperwork.
            • Apply on-line.
            • Online submission of the application.
            • Collect your Nomad Residence Permit by travelling to Malta.
            • Visit the Malta Residency Permit website to submit an application.

            The Residency Malta Agency must receive your application via email at You must await the agency's response after sending the email.

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