Finland D Work Visa Process (Visa in 10 Days) 2023

Finland D Work Visa Process (Visa in 10 Days) 2023

Finland D Work Visa Process (Visa in 10 Days) 2023

There is good news for job searchers. The Finnish government introduced the D Visa in June 2023 as a Fast Work Visa category with the goal of issuing a visa in just 10 days. To address the labour shortfall as soon as possible, this action has been done. I'll provide you all the information you need to know about the Finland D Work Visa Process 2023 in this post. The Finland D Visa is available to any non-EU citizen who needs one to visit Finland.

This D Visa is for you if you are a student, researcher, entrepreneur, specialist, or employee. The good news is that overseas applicants can apply to more than 42 certified firms in Finland. For an employee, the company will provide a residence permission. With this document, you can apply for a D visa at the Finnish embassy and receive it within 10 days.

Why Did Finland Introduce a D Visa?

To solve Finland's lack of skilled workers. In a number of industries, Finland is lacking qualified people. The D visa is meant to aid in quickly closing these gaps in the labor market.

Certified Employers for Jobs in Finland

A list of 42 recognised employers and businesses has been made available by the Finnish Immigration Service. Any post or employment in these companies is open to applicants. Jobs are accessible there.

The Finnish Immigration Service only permits certified employers to employ foreign workers.

Obtain an employment offer from the certified employer

You can proceed to the following step, which is obtaining a residence permit for an employed individual, after you get a job offer letter from one of the certified firms.

Permit to Reside in Finland for Employees

After you start working, your employer will assist you and is likely to apply for a residence permit on your behalf. You can apply for the Finland D Visa as soon as your application for a residence permit has been approved.

Please take note that you will receive your residency permission card in Finland. Here are further details on the residence permit.

      Apply now and receive your Finland D visa in 10 days.

        You currently have both a job offer and a residence permit. You must provide all of your supporting documentation when you apply for a Finland D visa at the nearby Finland Embassy.

        Depending on the country, the documentation may be different. In about 10 days, you will receive your D Visa determination. You are now prepared to relocate to Finland.

          Who is eligible to apply for a Finland D visa?

            If you are an EU citizen, you do not require a visa. Finland is a nation in Europe.

            Consult the website of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to determine whether you require a visa.

            Basic Documents Needed for a Finland D Visa

            If you're submitting a job application:

            • A job offer from a company with a Finland certification.
            • A document for a residence permit.
            • Common passport Educational Documents

            How long do D visas last?

            It can be renewed once the initial two years have passed. You can apply for Finland Permanent Residency and then Citizenship after the four-year period.

            Can your family come along?

            You can sponsor and extend an invitation to your family to visit Finland after six months.

            It contains:

            • Your Spouse's 
            • Minor Children

            Cost of a Finland D visa plus a residence permit

            • D Visa Cost: The Application Fee is 95 Euros
            • First Residence Permit Cost: 490 Euro

            The Finland D Work Visa Application Process will Begin in 2023.

            You can apply for the D Visa if you fulfil the requirements listed below:

            • First, have a job offer.
            • Have a successful outcome for your residence permit

            Step 1: Use a Fast Track Service:

            • Use the fast-track program to apply for a residence permit.
            • A D visa application is also possible. As soon as you receive a resident permit, you can enter Finland with a D visa without a residence permission card.
            • While submitting an application for a residency permit, apply for a D visa to enter Finland.
            • Give your passport to a representative when you visit a VFS application centre or a Finnish (embassy or consulate) to establish your identification.
            • When the Finnish Immigration Service issues you a residence permit and the D visa, the D visa will be attached to your passport.

            Finally, the government of Finland encourages foreign nationals to apply for the D Visa. Since this is designed for foreigners. Finland's nationals can work there without a visa.

            What is the Finland D visa type?

            In essence, the Finland D Visa is a type of work visa that allows foreign employees to come to Finland and find employment in order to help with the country's labor deficit. The initial validity of this visa, which is two years, is renewed.

            The Finnish government created the Fast Work Visa category in June 2023 with the goal of issuing a visa in under 10 days.

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