Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (2024–2025) Fully Funded

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (2024–2025) Fully Funded

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (2024–2025) Fully Funded

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers three master's programmes, one of which fully funds the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. The MA, MSc, and MLitt master's programmes are available. Applications for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2024–2025 are now being accepted. Those who meet the requirements will submit applications for a Commonwealth shared scholarship to accredited colleges and courses. Typically, a scholarship is awarded for a full year.

Only Master's-level coursework is eligible for this scholarship; undergraduate or doctoral study is not. You can apply to the Commonwealth Split Site PhD Scholarship programme for PhD scholarships in the United Kingdom. Every expense will be paid for. The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are co-funded by participating UK universities and the CSC. Here are some additional details regarding the (CSSS).

Concerning the UK's Commonwealth Shared Scholarship in 2024

Study Location: UK
Host Universities: UK Universities with Approval
Programme Level: Master's Degree
Time: Twelve Months
Start of Study: September 2024
December 14, 2023 is the deadline.

Approved programmes and colleges for the 2024 Commonwealth Shared Scholarships

The three master's degree programmes (MA, MSc, and MLitt) must be applied to by candidates in an authorised master's programme at a UK university that is participating.

See the complete list of Authorised courses.
View information about every UK university that is involved.

Scholarship Advantages

  • Approved round-trip airfare for the scholar to travel to and from their home country in the UK.
  • Tuition approved: all costs are reimbursed in full
  • Living stipend (living allowance) at £1,347 monthly
  • or £1,652 a month (rates quoted at current levels) for students attending universities in the London metropolitan area.
  • Allowance for warm clothing, as applicable.
  • travel grant for studies, either domestically in the UK or abroad.
  • A child allowance of £576.61 per month for the first child and £143 per month for the second is awarded to scholars who are widowed, divorced, or single parents.

Supplementary Records

    Every document needs to be uploaded online.

    • Evidence that they are citizens of or have refugee status in one of the Commonwealth nations that qualifies
    • A valid passport (or national ID card) with your picture, birthdate, and citizenship country on it serves as identification proof.
    • complete transcripts outlining every degree earned in higher education

        Qualifiable Nations

          Please be aware that Commonwealth Shared Scholarship applications are only accepted from citizens of the qualifying nations indicated below.

          • Bangladesh
          • Belize
          • Botswana
          • Cameroon
          • Dominica
          • Eswatini
          • Fiji
          • Gabon
          • Ghana
          • Grenada
          • Guyana
          • India
          • Jamaica
          • Kenya
          • Kiribati
          • Lesotho
          • Malawi
          • Malaysia
          • Maldives
          • Mauritius
          • Montserrat
          • Mozambique
          • Namibia
          • Nauru
          • Nigeria
          • Pakistan
          • Papua New Guinea
          • Rwanda
          • Saint Helena
          • Saint Lucia
          • Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
          • Samoa
          • Sierra Leone
          • Solomon Islands
          • South Africa
          • Sri Lanka
          • Tanzania
          • The Gambia
          • Togo
          • Tonga
          • Tuvalu
          • Uganda
          • Vanuatu
          • Zambia

            Applicant's Qualifications

              • Belong to one of the aforementioned nations as a citizen or as a refugee.
              • Possess a permanent residence in a Commonwealth nation that qualifies.
              • Possess a relevant postgraduate qualification (usually a Master's degree) or an undergraduate degree of at least upper second-class (2:1) honours standard by September 2024.
              • Be prepared to begin studying in the UK in September 2024.
              • Have not worked or studied in a high-income nation for more than a year or more
              • Without this scholarship, I could not afford to study in the United Kingdom.

              Procedure for Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Applications 2024–2025

              The CSC's online application system is required to be used for submission of applications. Candidates may submit multiple applications to different universities and for different courses, but they may only accept one offer of a shared scholarship.

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