2023 Japan Work Visa Process | Jobs Sponsoring Visas


2023 Japan Work Visa Process | Jobs Sponsoring Visas

2023 Japan Work Visa Process | Jobs Sponsoring Visas

The application for a work visa for Japan is a quick and easy process. Like before, we discussed the work visas for Slovenia and Lithuania. I'll explain the 2023 Japan Work Visa Process in this post. You must have a job offer from a Japanese employer in order to work in Japan. Additionally, there are several Japanese jobs with visa sponsorship accessible in a variety of fields. In Japan, obtaining a job sponsorship visa is fairly simple.

Since the elderly make up the bulk of the population, Japan requires foreign employees. By 2025, Japan intends to accept 500,000 foreign workers. The initial validity of the Visa is five years. In Japan, people are quite loving. They never tell lies. Self Controlled. affordable nation. In this article, I'll explain the many kinds of Japanese work visas, jobs in Japan that sponsor visas, and the step-by-step procedure for applying for a Japanese work visa.

Information on the 2023 Japan Work Visa Process

  • Job Country: Japan
  • Visa Type: Work Visa
  • Who can Apply: Anyone from any country
  • Visa Sponsorship Jobs: Yes
  • Passport Ranking: 2nd Powerful, 190 Visa-Free Destinations

Known industries

  • English teacher
  • Military personnel
  • Engineer
  • Service staff
  • IT Professional
  • Translator
  • Banker
  • School Teacher
  • English Speaking
  • Mechanics
  • Electrical

Famous Jobs

The most sought-after fields in Japan are teaching English and IT jobs, which also provide their employees with excellent pay, housing, and sponsorships for work visas.

Japanese work visa categories

While there are many different visas available, there are only two kinds of Japanese work visas, each of which is further broken down into categories. Various types of Japanese work visas include:

      1) Highly Skilled Professional Visa:

      • Highly skilled professional (i) (a)/(b)/(c): For a period of five years, this visa enables highly qualified individuals to engage on cutting-edge technical, specialized, or academic projects in Japan.
      • Special Highly Skilled Professional: If you have any experience in your profession and a bachelor's or master's degree, you can apply for the highly skilled visa.
      • Highly skilled foreign professional:  If you have advanced skills and expertise, you can work in Japan with this work visa.

        Working visa for Japan

          Numerous foreign workers have received this common work visa in Japan. No previous job experience is necessary for this visa. You are permitted to stay for 1, 3, or 5 years with this visa.

          Jobs That Qualify for a Japan Working Visa

          The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided this list. Jobs that qualify for Japanese working visas include:
          • Professor
          • Artists
          • Religious activities
          • Journalist
          • Business Manager
          • Legal/Accounting services
          • Medical services
          • Researcher
          • Instructor
          • Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services
          • Intra-company transferee
          • Nursing care
          • Entertainers
          • Skilled labor
          • Specified skilled worker
          • Technical intern training

          Staying Time

          Every visa is granted for one, three, or five years.

          Process Duration

          Within 5 to 6 working days, you will receive a response to your visa application.

          Visa Fee

          The cost of a single entry visa is typically about 3000 Japanese Yen. While a Japan multiple entry visa cost about 6,000 Yen. The cost is only due if your application is accepted.

          Requirements for a work visa in Japan

          • A job offer from a Japanese firm is a must.
          • You must possess a current passport.
          • Filling out and submitting the visa application form is required.
          • You must upload a recent photo (within the last six months).
          • A Certificate of Eligibility from the Japanese Employer is required.

          Essential Documents

          • Passport
          • One visa application form
          • One photograph
          • Certificate of Eligibility
          • Job offer Letter with all details.
          • Educational Documents (Submit it to your employer to get COE)
          Other documents, in addition to the ones listed above, can be required depending on the applicant's country. Please visit the website of the Japanese embassy or general consulate in your area for more information.

          A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is what, exactly?

          The Japanese Immigration Services must issue a Certificate of Eligibility to every foreign worker.

          The COE (Certificate of Eligibility) system is unique to Japan. once a Japanese business offers you a job.

          The employer will require your documentation. On your behalf, he is in charge of managing the COE application. For you, he will go get it.

          Jobs in Japan for International Candidates with Visa Sponsorships

          There are several visa sponsorship jobs available in Japan, either directly from employers, through recruitment firms, or through companies themselves.

          The most well-liked job search websites in Japan are connected. as soon as these websites are opened. Make sure you click on the "Overseas Applicants" or "Visa Offered" links or just type "Visa Sponsorship" into the search field.

          Where to Submit Your Application for a Japanese Work Visa

          The application procedure for a Japanese work visa is detailed below.

          obtaining an eligibility certificate. visiting the Japanese embassy in your country to apply for a work visa for Japan. Here is a list of all the consulates, embassy, and permanent missions of Japan.

          Helpful links for a work visa for Japan

          Japan Immigration Website: (https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/)

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