2023 Portugal Work Visa Application Process (Visa Types, Requirements)


2023 Portugal Work Visa Application Process (Visa Types, Requirements)

2023 Portugal Work Visa Application Process (Visa Types, Requirements)

In recent years, travelers of all ages have made Portugal one of their top travel destinations. Whether it concerns students, job seekers, independent contractors, or retirees. Portugal offers visas of every kind. In five years, you will be granted Portuguese citizenship. The Portugal Work Visa Process 2023, its requirements, and which visa is suitable for you should all be well understood. There is also a new visa that allows you to visit Portugal unemployed.

In Portugal, salaries range from 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per month, with salaries in larger cities like Lisbon being higher than those in smaller villages. Due to the wide variety of visa choices, many people from the USA and other Asian nations have come to Portugal, which is a highly intriguing country. If Portugal seems appealing to you as well, you can discover all the information you need about Portuguese work visas in this comprehensive guide.

Information on the 2023 Portugal Work Visa Process (Visa Types, Requirements)

  • Country: Portugal
  • Visa Type: Work Visa
  • Stay Duration: 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, 5 Years
  • Who can Apply: Anyone, each visa has its own requirement

One should be aware of the following before proceeding with "How to Apply for the Portugal Work Visa":

  • What is a work visa for Portugal?
  • Who doesn't require a visa for Portugal?
  • Types of Portugal Work Visas: Application Requirements and Process.

What is a work visa for Portugal?

All non-EU nationalities are able to work in Portugal with the Portugal Work Visa.

For work visas to Portugal, there is "No specific name". The Portuguese government offers short-term visas and long-term temporary residence permits.

  • Short Stays: Up to 90 Days
  • Long Stays: Over 90 Days

Five Years Later, Permanent Residence in Portugal

A temporary residency permit will be given out for a year at first. You have four more chances to renew it. It will last for a total of five years. You can apply for Portugal Permanent Residence after five years.

Portuguese Work Visa Timeframe

  • Initially Issued for 1 Year
  • Extension: five Years
  • Apply for Permanent Residency after 5 years.

      Portugal Work Visa Types

        This is the major section where I will discuss all Portuguese visa kinds that are mostly used for employment-related purposes. These Visa kinds will be covered in our post.

        • Schengen Visa
        • Seasonal Work Visa
        • Temporary Work Visas
        • Digital Nomad Visa
        • Job Seeker Visa
        • Retirement Visa
        • Golden Visa

          1-Portugal Schengen Visa

            The Schengen Visa is a Visitor Visa that enables anyone to enter the EU. You may travel to additional EU Schengen nations with this visa. You may stay for a maximum of 90 days.

            You can work at seasonal jobs, farms, fruit picking, and packing businesses while on a Schengen visa.

            2-Portugal Seasonal Work Visa

              The length of the seasonal work visa is 90 days or less. You may work in recognized industries like:
              • Agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry, and fishing;
              • Hospitality, restaurants, and similar;
              • The food industry, liquor, and tobacco industries
              • Gross and Retail commerce
              • Construction
              • Land transport
              Conditions for this Visa

              • For a seasonal work visa, you need a job offer from a Portuguese employer.
              • A stay of more than 90 days is prohibited.
              • See this Website for further details.

              3-Portugal's Road to Permanent Residency: Digital Nomad Visa

                A new form of visa called the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa was introduced in 2022 and allows candidates to travel to Portugal without having a job offer. You don't require a job to obtain this visa.

                You may apply for the Digital Nomad Visa if you are a freelancer who works remotely from any location. This visa has a one-year expiration date and five renewal options.

                4-Portugal Visa for Job Seekers - No Job

                  Candidates may visit Portugal to hunt for work using the Portugal Job Seeker Visa. You are given six months to look for employment while you are in Portugal.

                  You can apply for a temporary residency visa if you are successful in finding employment. A Portuguese Job Seeker Visa application costs €75.

                  5-Retirement D7 Visa for Portugal

                    This national (residency) visa is given to non-EU nationals who wish to dwell in Portugal without the necessity of employment and who have a reliable source of income, such as pensions, savings, etc.

                    6-Portugal  Golden Visa

                      If you spend at least €500,000 on a piece of real estate in Portugal, you can apply for this kind of visa. There are two varieties of the Golden Visa program. The world's top residency program, according to ratings, is Portugal's Golden Visa scheme.
                      • Residency-by-investment
                      • Citizenship-by-investment

                      7-Temporary Work Visas for Portugal

                      Different categories have been created for the temporary stay visa. The type of visa and its function are listed in the table I've created below.

                      Purpose Type of Visa
                      Seasonal work      Temporary stay visa for 90 days.
                      Independent work      Temporary stay visa for independent work, Entrepreneurs.
                      Highly qualified activity      Temporary stay visa for scientific research, higher education professorial
                           activity or highly qualified activity purposes for a period of less than a year.
                      Professorial activity      Temporary stay visa for scientific research, higher education professorial
                           activity or highly qualified activity purposes for a period of less than a year.
                      Volunteer Work      Temporary stay visa for periods of over 3 months.
                      Retired      People living on their own income.

                      For help finding a job in Portugal Visit :  Here

                      Conditions for Obtaining a Work Visa for Portugal

                        Keep these points in mind before applying for your Portugal work visa.

                        • If you're requesting a seasonal work visa or any type of temporary work authorization, your Portuguese employer must have made you a job offer.
                        • For visas like the Digital Nomad, Job Seeker, and Retirement Visa, employment offers are not necessary.
                        • For you, your employer must submit a Work Permit application.
                        • You can apply for a Portugal Work Visa and submit all the required paperwork to the Portugal Embassy or VFS Global once your employment agreement or work permit has been granted.

                        Required Paperwork for a Work Visa for Portugal

                          For each type of work visa, specific documentation is needed.

                          To view the list of documentation needed for each visa, click this link. The document's part is located under a Menu.

                          Visa Ducoment

                          Work visa costs in Portugal

                            • Job seeker visa: €90
                            • Digital nomad visa: €180
                            • Temporary residency visa: €90
                            • Short stay visa: €80 for adults

                            How to Apply for a Portugal Work Visa and Where to Do It (Step-by-Step Portugal Work Visa Instructions 2023)

                            Once you have all the necessary paperwork and are certain of the visa you are applying for. If you are requesting a work visa and Portugal has made you an employment offer, then:

                            • Discover a job, and you're hired. Your employer will next submit an application for your work permit in Portugal.
                            • You can begin your application for a Portuguese work visa once you have your work permit.
                            • Fill out each and every online form, Make and keep a scheduled appointment.
                            • You can enter Portugal with your work visa.
                            • Once you arrive in Portugal, submit an application for a resident permit.

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