How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Website | 5 Secrets Tips

How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Website | 5 Secrets Tips

How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Website | 5 Secrets Tips

How To Get Approved By Google AdSense I Will Tell You How I Approved By Google AdSense. You will find many videos and articles on YouTube on Google to get Google AdSense approval, but they do not tell you much better how to get approval on Google AdSense during the approval of many users. They make a lot of mistakes that cause their AdSense not to be approved, but today I am going to tell you five tips that can help you get approved on Google AdSense easily. Yes, I also applied this method. Yes, I also got approval. For example, you can see my website, there are ads running on it.

Tip # 1

You must first purchase a domain. The reason I tell you is that Google has stated that anyone who owns a domain will not be subject to the Google Adsense limit, but if you cannot get a domain, you must have a subdomain. You will get it for free from

Tip # 2 

you have to get an SEO friendly user-friendly ads friendly e website templates a lot of website templates are available on Google you can en8 it for free or on a trial basis or you can buy it from the developers I am mentioning some websites which are providing free website templates which are SEO friendly user friendly and at friendly

Tip # 3

I have to get AdSense approval because I have published post many times on a daily basis because Google have mentioned you have to be consistent and you have to be part of your blogging life if you want to get approval then you have to publish a post on regular basis even you can publish one post daily or you can publish multiple posts in a day.

Tip # 4

After you post an article on the website, you apply for direct Google AdSense but do not take into account that the articles posted on the website are first indexed within the Google Search Council but some people write a lot of articles in one day and apply for Google AdSense but this method is wrong. You have to post daily and also get it indexed in Google AdSense

 Tip # 5

you can use Google Translate if you have a problem writing an article in the English language some peoples have a grammar punctuation problem in the English language but you can improve our English language by writing articles you can use a free tool (Google Translate). Google translate helps to convert many languages into other languages so you can speak or write an article and then you can correct your spelling mistakes or punctuation or any grammar mistakes.

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